Motivation | Spring Cleaning | Monday

Happy Monday
Why are Mondays always a good day to start a project? why do we mentally associate Monday with starting something we put off forever, Monday, yes I will start on Monday. Well I don't know why we do that but I do know that Spring Cleaning did start on a Saturday in this house and we are in full on GET IT OUT OF THIS HOUSE mode. 
This year has been flying by so fast. Spring is almost gone and summer is fast approaching. Do you feel like you still have a ton of spring cleaning left to tackle? I sure do. So this last week my family started the sometimes dreadful but always fulfilling process of de-cluttering the house. We got rid of a ton of stuff. My space feels so much more peaceful now and I am excited to share with you a little Day in the life video from my youtube channel. Hopefully, it will inspire you to get moving and create a lighter space for summer.

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