Platinum Blonde: How I Get My Hair White

Platinum blonde can be quite a hard thing to achieve especially without damaging your hair. I've been getting my hair professionally bleached for 13 years. Over those 13 years I have had many people ask how I achieve this color without major damage. I made a YouTube video about it over a year ago and I thought that I would share it here with you.

 So if you want to see some of my tracks go ahead and click the video below.


 As a sidenote I know I have been absent for quite a while from my blog and my YouTube channel. I will be posting regularly on both of these platforms this year. With that being said I would love for you to subscribe to either or both if you want to see more of me.

Also, I love reading your comments so please feel free to reach out. I would also love to hear any ideas of things that you would like to see on my blog or YouTube.

Much Love,
Hope 💋


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