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Monday Motivation

Cleaning is NOT my thing. I am definitely not one of those women who loves to clean their house. It does not Destress me it Stresses Me Out to the fullest.

With that being said it is something that we all have to do. Especially if you are a mother and if you're a mom of boys, bathrooms seem to be the dirtiest room of the house. All the time no matter what. I feel like I clean and wipe down this part of the house multiple times a week.

Since I hate cleaning this can be a awful task. The one thing that definitely helps me clean is products that I enjoy using.

For me this Means they

 Do the job with minimal effort and scrubbing on my part They smell nice. 
If you have been following me for a while you know I'm extremely sensitive to smells. So when I come across a brand with products that smell nice and don't give me a headache, I tend to go out and buy every single scent.

This week I made my first Motivational Monday cleaning video.  I cleaned my upstairs main bathroom. Th…

Platinum Blonde: How I Get My Hair White

Platinum blonde can be quite a hard thing to achieve especially without damaging your hair. I've been getting my hair professionally bleached for 13 years. Over those 13 years I have had many people ask how I achieve this color without major damage. I made a YouTube video about it over a year ago and I thought that I would share it here with you.

 So if you want to see some of my tracks go ahead and click the video below.

 As a sidenote I know I have been absent for quite a while from my blog and my YouTube channel. I will be posting regularly on both of these platforms this year. With that being said I would love for you to subscribe to either or both if you want to see more of me.

Also, I love reading your comments so please feel free to reach out. I would also love to hear any ideas of things that you would like to see on my blog or YouTube.

Much Love,
Hope 💋