Budget Beauty My Secret Healing Mask / Mom Beauty Hack

Is your skin looking dull?
Maybe you have redness or you are dealing with a breakout.  If your skin could use a pick me up then I have a homemade mask for you.

I love easy, inexpensive, natural skincare. I love it even more if it comes from kitchen. So today I am giving you my first post in a series of posts called Kitchen Skincare.

It's Tuesday, a perfect day to start the Kitchen Skincare series. The first one is a  good one!! Ready, it's my Secret Healing Mask. 

My mom is the one that turned me on to this beauty secret so actually it is her secret.  Thanks Mom.

Isn't it always mom who knows all the good  beauty, cleaning and life secrets??  

Okay so this mask is probably in your kitchen right now.
The Secret one ingredient mask is................SOUR CREAM!  

Yup, that is it.   Why does it work?  How does it work? Sour Cream is packed full of Lactic Acid.  

Lactic acid is a great gentle exfoliater.  It will breakdown the layer of dead skin cells and remove them.  This will give your skin a immediate glow. This is probably why Cleopatra bathed in milk. 

Sour Cream is also a great anti inflammatory. You can apply milk, sour cream or yogurt to a sunburn for immediate relief. It will get rid of  redness in one treatment. 

Last year I got a facial spray as a gift. It  was a all natural coconut based facial toner. Woo hoo! I applied it to my skin and not so Woo Hoo after all. I instantly had a reaction. Bright red, burning skin.

That is when  I reached for the sour cream.  After 20 minutes I had no sign of a reaction.  Then I threw that spray out!!

This is probably the most simple mask ever.

Step 1. Get organic sour cream. You want to make sure that it's organic because you don't want to be putting any chemicals or pesticides on your skin.

Step 2. Scoop a couple teaspoons into the palm of your hand or a small bowl, and apply medium to thick layer all over clean face, neck and chest if you like as well.

Step 3. Let the sour cream sit for 15-20 minutes. When the sour cream starts to absorb you are ready to wash. 

Step 4.  Wash your skin with warm water.  I like to use a warm washcloth first.  This helps remove the softened dead skin cells.  Then I wash with my face wash. 

Step 5. Tone using your facial toner.  I love Witch Hazel. 

Step 6. Hydrate with a rich moisturizer to lock in the moister you got from the sour cream. 

Step 7. Admire your skin in the mirror. 

I hope that you try this mask and love it as much as I do.

Please leave me a comment if you have tried this.  You can also share with anyone who would like this post. Sharing is caring.  XOXOXO


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