Setting Goals To Achieve Success

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Its that time of year again. The end. Yup, 2016 is over.

Did you accomplish everything that you set out to do last year at this time?

I did for the first time that I can remember. I crossed off two huge goals this year. I only set two goals, well three if you include loosing the extra baby weight but honestly that has been on the list for 5 years so I am only counting new ones.

Why is it so hard to stick to your goals especially after we're so excited about creating them. Maybe it is not because we are lazy, or that we loose interest. I think the real reason is that we set goals without systems to help us accomplish these goals. Then with in a week we feel lost and unmotivated. We set ourselves up for failure.

I was getting way to comfortable with failing. I had to change things. So I started researching how to get thing's done. I struggle with that, I have my entire life. What I found is that it is easy to have great ideas but with out a little help and guidance it can get overwhelming.

Things don't happen over night. When you take time to make a plan and put simple systems into place you take a little bit of the daily stress out. If you are like me, I have enough stress (thanks PTSD) so please take some out of my life.

Ok, here is what I mean. Last year I had two main goals. I had set and failed a number of times accomplishing both of these. I had pushed them out of mind and really dreaded making these my 2016 goals. I guess I love disappointment. Which is why last year I picked the two things that scared me the most, again. The two things I thought would also help me grow the most. But this time I put a plan into place to help me out. A system to make things a little easier and at the same time hold me accountable.

You will notice that I wrote my goals as if I had already achieved them. This was the first time I had done this. I found many successful people write out goals in this way. It helps with your mindset. It seemed to have worked. 

Step 1
Set your goals

Step 2 
Create a action plan

Step 3 
Set a daily/weekly schedule

My Goals (last year) 

1) I Have My Drivers License. 

I am 36 years old and this had been on my goals list half heartily for a number of years. With out going in to detail basically driving was my biggest fear. I pushed off getting my license and avoided taking control over the situation for as long as I possibly could. My husband bought me a car in 2015 so I was now forced to drive. I felt motivated this time though to do it for myself. Still scared to death but also excited. I needed a plan.

2) I Keep A Organized House.

Where do I start.....Literally where the hell do I start. I suck at putting things back. Or so I thought until I realized nothing had a real place so I couldn't put anything back. Oh the chaos just grew and grew until I discovered what my husband had known all along, I was a closet hoarder. I needed a system.

My Action Plan

1) Drivers Licence

  • Study the Handbook 
  • Take online pretest 
  • Take Permit Test (passed first try) 
  • Set up Lessons with a professional (I ended up having 6 lessons) 
  • Drive with my husband at least 3 days a week for minimum of 2 hours. 
  • Schedule driving Test ( passed first try.

2) Organized House

Seriously, I found the and that is what changed my whole freaking world when it comes to my house. I use her system and it absolutely works for me. I have modified it to suit my home. I wont go into detail in this post, if you want a more in depth post let me know with a comment below. Definitely go look her up.

  • Make a morning routine 
  • Make a night routine 
  •  Weekly Home Blessing ( This is a quick cleaning routine done once a week) 
  •  Zone Cleaning ( Each week you deep clean a different section of your home) 
Setting up your weekly schedule is up to you. I love my bullet journal and use it to plan my monthly and daily to do lists. I have a home management binder that I keep my cleaning routines in.

The main thing is that you always have something on your list that gets you closer to your goal. Everyday you should have at least one mini goal that helps you. My morning and night routines help me on my home blessing day. If I don't keep up with those daily tasks, as small as they are, I fall behind big time. It makes cleaning the house such a task I will skip it and then it builds and builds. You know the snowball effect.

It takes something like 19 days to create a habit, so setting a goal, making a plan in order to accomplish it and working on it everyday will not only get you the results that you want. It will also create that habit and keep the drive alive so that you will always be able to succeed. Whatever you put your mind to you can accomplish as long as you are willing to see the vision, put in the effort and never stop dreaming. Small steps lead to big actions.


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