Easy Homemade Coconut Milk All Over Cleanser

Today I thought that I would share with you a post from my previous blog. This was one of the first post that I wrote and when I deactivated that blog a few months ago it had over 5,500 views. I decided since so many people were interested in it that I should share it again here.

It is completely unedited from the first time that I wrote it almost 5 years ago. I hope you enjoy. This is a great skin hydrating formula that you will love during these cold months. Since its main ingredient is coconut milk it makes it feel a little tropical. You feel like you've been taken away to a warm sunny island even if it's below freezing outside. Please feel free to leave comments below with your favorite homemade recipes for skin, body and hair care recipes.

Hi everyone for my first how to I am going to give you my recipe for a face and body wash using coconut milk.  I also used this on my 14 month old son as a hair and body wash since he has very sensitive skin. I do not like it on my hair although the recipe is an altered version of a "no poo" shampoo but I have been using this amazing wash on my face (with 2 other homemade products) for the last 2 months and my adult acne is gone.  It cost less that $2 to make a 2 week batch. I don't keep it longer since it has coconut milk but if you keep it in the fridge it may last longer.  It is super simple to make, here is what you need.

2 cup measuring cup
empty body wash or shampoo container

1cup coconut milk or cream (for a rich creamy wash use coconut cream from a can)
1/3 cup castile soap (any sent you like will do I prefer the lavender)
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1tablespoon olive oil

Put all of your ingredients into your measuring cup and stir pour into empty bottle and give a good shake.  That's it you are all done making your luxuriously hydrating wash.  Every time you use your wash remember to shake the bottle since the oils will separate and concentrate at the bottom.

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  1. Oh wow, this sounds awesome and sooo moisturizing for the skin! I absolutely love coconut milk for, like, everything, so I will definitely be giving this a try. Thanks so much for sharing! <3

    1. Yay, so excited for you to try it out. Please tell me how you like it. I love playing with kitchen recipes like this. I am also a huge fan of your blog! Definitely my new favorite.


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