Save Your Skin During The Winter Weather

How true is that?! Just care about the people around you. 

Hi everyone. It's November 1st. Already. Whew the year has flown by. 

I hope you all had a great Halloween yesterday. We braved the rain and had a great family night. 

Today I wanted to bring you two skincare tips to help your skin during the cold weather. Enjoy!! Please comment with any tips you have for saving your skin. 

It's time to change our skin care.  The weather is turning chilly and cold. Soon we will be running the heaters and bundling up in our scarves and sweaters. So cuddly and warm.  However this can be a bit shocking to our skin after a nice warm summer. When all we needed a light moisturizer and some BB cream to head out the door. Now we find our selves with dry, red or flaky skin.

It is common this time of year for my friends to start ask me why they are breaking out and so dry all of a sudden.  I break out the most during the transition of seasons. 

This is because our skin is adjusting to the changes just like the leaves on the trees. They also dry out and change this time of year. Add in the use of heaters and recycled air for the next 5 months, well your skin is going to need some extra loving care starting now.

In general most of us have less moister in our air during the colder months than we do during summer.  Even for those of us who live in dry not so crazy humid climates, most of us still have a significant amount of moister occurring naturally in the air the help balance the harsh sun. I am not talking to you out in Arizona!! 

So what can you do to keep your skin Glowing (here I go talking about the glow again) 

1) Use a Richer Moisturizer. 

If you are using a oil free one step it up. 

Find a moisturizer with a non clogging oil.  Grape seed, Sweet Almond and Coconut oil are great choices. You can even use a few drops of straight oil mixed with your favorite moisturizer for a deeply hydrating night mask.

2) Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin helps to remove the dead dry skin that makes our faces appear dull, dry at at times wrinkly! 

Yup that is right, you can get rid of some fine lines from exfoliating. This is because exfoliating your skin will also allow your moisturizer to penetrate deeper, plumping up dehydrated skin. Plump skin means less fine lines and even wrinkles. 

Once you have exfoliated you will be left with a softer look and feel. Removing the dry surface layer of skin will also allow your other beauty products to penetrate deeper such as serums.  This will in essence make them work better. You can exfoliate two different ways and I use both but not on the same day.

Manually- This means you are using small beads or granules with your fingertips to massage the dead skin off. Such as at home micro dermabrasion.

Chemically-This is done using acids such as AHA, Glycolic, Lactic or Salicylic acid. These come as serums, pads, washes and even creams. My favorite are the Alpha Hydrox products.

I promise  if you add these two small steps to your Fall/ Winter routine you will see and feel a difference in your skin.  If you start this early in life you will save yourself some unnecessary aging. 

I want you to know that I only recommend to you what I would recommend to family and what I do myself.  

My mother in law recently started my Skin Care Boot Camp. She is always telling me how someone in her life (Esthetician, Dermatologist etc.) have asked her what she is doing. She has noticeable results. This is exciting when you can erase the signs of aging and reverse the clock. 

Remember others will see the change before you do since you look at your face everyday you are less likely to notice small changes. 

I encourage you take a before picture of your skin and then take a new picture every few weeks.  I know you will be amazed at the changes in your skin.  

Thank you so much for reading. Please subscribe, follow and share if you like my blog.  XOXOXOX Hope.


  1. Exfoliation truly is SOOOOO important, and I didn't really realize that until this year. With me being pregnant, my skin is all kinds of crazy, so I've been pretty routine about exfoliating for the first time in, well, ever! Even though my skin is crazy wonky from the hormones, it's still so baby soft, I love it!! Thanks for sharing <3

  2. Oh pregnancy hormones. Yes I remember my skin being awesome during my pregnancy but as soon as I have birth my whole body had a bumpy layer of dead skin. It was gross and painful. Hormones sure do crazy things. After I gave birth are you started using more natural products and I have for and it definitely reconfirmed what I already new, which is using one or two natural ingredients works on your skin way better than overwhelming it with amillion different strange ingredients, like you will find in most beauty products.


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