Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Save Your Skin During The Winter Weather

How true is that?! Just care about the people around you. 

Hi everyone. It's November 1st. Already. Whew the year has flown by. 

I hope you all had a great Halloween yesterday. We braved the rain and had a great family night. 

Today I wanted to bring you two skincare tips to help your skin during the cold weather. Enjoy!! Please comment with any tips you have for saving your skin. 

It's time to change our skin care.  The weather is turning chilly and cold. Soon we will be running the heaters and bundling up in our scarves and sweaters. So cuddly and warm.  However this can be a bit shocking to our skin after a nice warm summer. When all we needed a light moisturizer and some BB cream to head out the door. Now we find our selves with dry, red or flaky skin.

It is common this time of year for my friends to start ask me why they are breaking out and so dry all of a sudden.  I break out the most during the transition of seasons. 

This is because our skin is adjusting to the changes just like the leaves on the trees. They also dry out and change this time of year. Add in the use of heaters and recycled air for the next 5 months, well your skin is going to need some extra loving care starting now.

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