It's About To Get Real

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. I am so excited to have you joining me for this brand new chapter in my blogging life. If you are just stumbling upon me now and you did not follow me over from my former blog, then let me introduce myself.

I am Hope Brissette formally the owner of Hopes's Beauty Bar. I created that site way back in 2012 when I knew
absolutely nothing about computers or building a blog. I learned so much by just jumping in and playing around with all the behind the scenes details that it takes to build a working, fun, creative blog.

Hope's Beauty Bar was all about beauty. I am a professional makeup artist, so it just seemed natural that I would center my blog around what I know.

It didn't take long though for me to start to feel trapped and boxed in. I lost all my creativity for months at a time.

I had so much going on with my life as new mother and homemaker that I felt that I couldn't share on my beauty page. I really tired to maintain the blog but inspiration was few and far between.

I still had lots of people visiting my blog daily, even though I was not posting new content.

This is unfair to my followers.  I also felt in a way in was unfair to write on a beauty blog about having anxiety and deppression and still trying to be a mother, wife, makeup artist and blogger.

I still love beauty especially homemade skin care and you will definitely be getting a good dose of that here.

This brings me to what this blog is going to be about. Simply put it is going to be about my life. I am a mom, homemaker and makeup artist who has delt with PTS, Depression
and Anxiety my whole entire life. It is a part of me and I hope to share that part a lot here. Along with all sorts of other topics.

I am a honest, slightly crazy ( in a good way) extremest.  I will from time to time swear and I am apologizing in advance. If you want to talk about real things with honesty and humour than this is going to be the place for you.

Here is a short list of topics I plan to talk about.

Being A First Time Mom

Anxiety, Depression, PTS (we are going to get real and raw)

My Mother The Astrologer (she is crazy accurate)

Gluten Free Vegetarian Recipes

Homemade Skin Care

Homemade Cleaners

Book Reviews (possible book club???)

Vacations (cruise to Mexican Rivera already booked, come along with us)

Makeup Looks For Real People (client before and afters)


Struggling With Weight Loss

And so much more.

Welcome to my life. My Real Life! Full of ups and downs. You will find real topics with struggle, sadness, hope and triumph, always with humour mixed in. In order to live you must Laugh!!!!

I hope that this place will inspire and encourage not just you but myself as well. We all have a story and this is mine. I am so excited for you to all join me on this adventure.

If you are still here after reading all the craziness above then Sign Up for email alerts so you never miss a post.  The sign up is on the left hand side of this page.

You can also email me and I will respond to any questions you might have.

Thank you so much if you are coming over from Hope's Beauty Bar. You will be seeing a whole new side of me. I side that I thought I had to hide.

I will be reposting some of my most popular posts on this site over time. You will not be able to access that site after the middle of October, so if you loved a post from that blog comment below with the post title and I will make sure to reshare on this site.

Much Love,  Hope XOXOXOXOXO


  1. I love that you we a head and re invented your blog to fit your life now, and not stick with something that didn't work with you anymore.
    I cant wait to read more. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your support. It has been a good decision so far. A bit scary abandoning a blog that was established and starting new. It felt right though. I am so happy to connect with new people. Hopebrissette

  2. I look forward to reading all of your new content. Sometimes our lives switch course and it only makes sense that the blog follows course

    1. So excited to connect with you and share my blog. All the signs were pointing for me to start new. It felt like blinding jumping to freedom.

  3. Sounds like it will be an exciting blog! Good luck!


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